Shore Medical Center Recognizes Administrative Director of Care Management & Social Services Christine Bracey, of Egg Harbor Township, with its Leadership Profile Award

Shore Medical Center announced today that Administrative Director of Care Management and Social Services, Christine Bracey, of Egg Harbor Township is the recipient of its prestigious Leadership Profile Award. The award goes to a manager who exhibits exemplary job performance and possesses characteristics most valued in its leaders.

Bracey came to Shore in 2005 as a social worker, increasing her responsibilities over the years, and was eventually promoted to Administrative Director of Care Management and Social Services in October 2014. She provides oversight for Utilization and Review, Social Services and Care Management to a diverse patient population, collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team throughout the Medical Center to ensure detailed and thorough patient care and discharge planning.  

Shore Chief Medical Officer Jeanne Rowe, MD, says Bracey is deeply committed to patient care and continuously focuses on quality care and customer service.

“Christine is an advocate for our patients and their families in regards to seeking resources necessary to augment and enhance our care delivery during and post-hospitalization. She leads and collaborates with others to prevent hospitalizations and mitigate chances that the patient will need another acute episode of care,” says Dr. Rowe.

“Christine embodies positive attitude and servant leadership,” Dr. Rowe continued. “She is approachable and knowledgeable, and is a teacher, role model and a compassionate human. She joins and engages in projects with the ever-present focus on what is best for the patient and family, and what is most efficient and effective for her team.”

In her role, Bracey connects with healthcare leaders throughout the medical center, many of whom shared additional words of gratitude for her leadership. 

Linda DeGrazia, APN, Director of Palliative Care, says, “When we first met, Christine impressed me as a visionary leader. I observed her confidently communicating clear ideas of how her department should run and how she expects it to operate in the future to newly hired social workers. With confidence and expertise, she projected clearly outlined goals.”

Leonard Galler, MD, FACS, Clinical and Administrative Surgical Department Chairman, says, “Christine oversees a complex, very busy department coordinating hospital admissions and discharges, and its interactions with insurance carriers and regulatory bodies. Her role is highly complex and technical and is essential for our institution. Christine is always aware of her role’s impact on our patients’ lives and families. She is dedicated to maintaining high-quality patient care consistently.”

Dr. David Angelastro, Emergency Medicine Medical Director/Division Chief, says, “Through Christine’s leadership, the care management team interfaces seamlessly with the ER to meet the needs of every patient, from birth to end-of-life. Whether its issues related to the protection of children, long term care, homelessness, mental health/addiction, home care or hospice, all patients are treated with kindness and respect.”