Critical and Intensive Care Center

Fully Integrated Services for Critically Ill Patients

Shore's Critical Care Center offers the most advanced life-saving care and modern technology available in a warm, caring environment for patients and their families. The Auxiliary of Shore Critical Care Center features 41 beds and offers a computerized bedside monitoring system to display patients' vital signs. The Ruth Newman Shapiro Cardiac Care Unit, located within the Critical Care Center, includes the latest medical and surgical telemetry for around-the-clock cardiac monitoring. The Critical Care nursing and support staff understands that this is a stressful time for you and your loved one. The nurses and support staff who work in this unit have specialized skills and knowledge to provide each patient the individual care he/she requires.

  • 41 inpatient beds
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – 16 private beds
  • Medical Telemetry Unit (MTU) – 25 beds
  • A highly sophisticated Central Station is the hub of the unit – where doctors and nurses have continual access to vital information from monitoring sensors in each patient’s room.
  • With nine post-surgery monitored beds in private rooms – to monitor critically ill patients during recovery
  • A bedside computer system automatically documents patients’ vital signs and displays them on monitors in their rooms and at the nurses station… freeing the staff for more hands-on patient care.
  • Four high tech ventilated isolation rooms for infectious diseases
  • Full glass walls facing the nurses’ station in ICU rooms
  • Enable the staff to maintain visual contact with the patients at all times.
  • Close proximity to the emergency department and operating room suites.