Preparing for an Ultrasound

Some ultrasound exams such as pelvic, gynecological or obstetrical require the patient to drink water and keep your bladder full for the test. In cases such as transvaginal ultrasound require a transducer that is gently insert into the vagina.

Other abdominal ultrasound exams may require the patient to fast the night before the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ultrasound like an X-ray?

No, ultrasound does not involve radiation.

Can ultrasound tell me the sex of the baby?

Sometimes, depends on the baby's position.

Does ultrasound have other uses?

Yes, ultrasound maybe use for during surgery to help see organs and other tissues more clearly. It is also used to assist or guide biopsy procedure for needle placement. To learn about Shore and Advanced Radiology Solutions, or to schedule your appointment, call 609-653-4600.