Preparing for Your Procedure

Preparation is required for most nuclear medicine exams. The extent will depend on the study and your health status. Please discuss preparation with your physician. Included here are general guidelines for studies.

Disida Scan and Disida Scan with Ejection Fraction

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight and no pain medications for four hours prior to exam.

Gastric Emptying Scan

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.

Stress Tests

No caffeine and nothing to eat or drink four hours prior to exam. Consult with your doctor about taking your medications prior to your test. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Thyroid Uptake and Scans

No iodinated contrast four to six weeks prior to test. No shellfish one week prior. No antihistamines one week prior. No thyroid medications four weeks prior.

Renal Scan with Capoten

No blood pressure medicine the day of the exam.

Schedule a Nuclear Medicine Study

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