Why Shore is One North Jersey Family’s Hospital Away from Home

Pictured: Liz (left) and Karen, with Coral, alongside Dr. Bryan Darling (Coral's neonatologist) and Tina Hamlett, RN (Special Care Nursery nurse). The family visited Shore Medical Center during their Cape May vacation to celebrate Coral's first birthday with her care team.

As we enter the busy summer season, Shore Medical Center is ready to care for people from all over the region who visit our beautiful beach communities. We’re proud to share a heartwarming story about a North Jersey couple, Liz McKissock and Karen Reinacher, who found themselves at Shore not once, not twice, but three times in five months! Shore Medical Center has become their hospital away from home, and their story touches on what makes Shore special – thanks in part to your generous support. 

Liz and Karen stay in Cape May several times a year to see family and the beaches they grew up visiting. Their trip in June 2023 was their last vacation before becoming a family of three, as Liz was 33 weeks pregnant with their daughter. Her pregnancy was going smoothly, but one night as they got ready for the boardwalk, Liz went into premature labor. 

Due to the distance, driving back home was not an option, so they headed to the nearest delivery hospital: Shore Medical Center. Although initially nervous about an unfamiliar hospital, their worries vanished upon arrival.

"Everyone was so supportive and comforting," Liz recalls. "From the moment I arrived on the maternity unit, I never felt alone. They explained the entire process, prioritizing my health and the baby's development."

Karen added, "Being far from home and away from our regular doctors was tough, but the care we received at Shore was phenomenal."

After almost 24 hours, Coral Jean Lloyd Reinacher was born at 8:50 p.m. on June 9, 2023 – which happened to be Karen's father's birthday.

"The physicians and nurses were absolutely incredible. I never once felt unsure or worried," said Karen. "The laborist, Dr. Sharon Smith, who delivered Coral, was calm and reassuring, even during a critical moment when Coral needed medical assistance, and labor and delivery nurse Sarah Harrison was a great patient advocate. The level of care was beyond our expectations. Even Liz's mom, who works in healthcare, agreed. The hospitality and personalized care we received were unmatched. If we had another baby, we would want to deliver at Shore!"

Following Coral's birth, Liz and Karen fully trusted the Special Care Nursery team – including neonatologist Dr. Bryan Darling and Nurses Danielle Flukey, Tina Hamlett, Holly Mick, Nancy Nealis and Stefanie Walker - to care for Coral over the next two weeks while she grew stronger. 

"We never had an ounce of worry," Liz said. "The staff explained everything every step of the way and helped educate us as new parents. Even Coral seemed to love the staff, especially Dr. Darling – she'd turn her head anytime she heard his voice." They couldn’t be more grateful for all the people who helped them along the way. 

The family went back home to North Jersey, but came back to Cape May three months later to celebrate their anniversary. But while they were there, Coral spiked a fever, prompting another visit to Shore Medical Center. 

"Coral has a congenital kidney condition, and her urologist advised us to go straight to the hospital if she had a fever without a known cause. Shore had her records and knew us, so we went there," Karen explained. "We contacted Dr. Darling and Danielle to tell them we were coming, and they were there soon after we arrived at Shore's Pediatric Care Center. Even three months later, Coral remembered Dr. Darling and gave him a big smile – she always has extra love for him. He explained her kidney problem to the pediatrician, who took charge right away and started the IV antibiotic. We were there for two days, and again, everything was wonderful."

Two months later, while they all celebrated Thanksgiving in Cape May, a family member fell and needed emergency care. Once again, they chose to go to Shore Medical Center due to the outstanding care they had received previously. Liz and Karen truly appreciate Shore and how they have taken such great care of their family.

Just last week, the family returned to Cape May for their annual June trip, this time to celebrate Coral’s first birthday and Karen’s father’s 90th birthday. She had a mermaid-themed party, and the next day the family visited Shore Medical Center, this time just for fun. It was a chance to see some of the wonderful people who were part of their journey. And, of course, Coral saved her best smiles for Dr. Darling.

This family’s story is a testament to Shore Medical Center's exceptional care and community spirit. Their experience reflects our commitment to providing first-class care to everyone – locals and visitors alike. 

We are proud to celebrate stories like Liz's and Karen's, and we’re grateful for all those who support Shore Medical Center so we can continue to provide outstanding care to all who need it. Your generosity makes a real difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

Thank you for "Caring Together" with us and being an essential part of our compassionate community! To support Shore Medical Center, please click here.