Renee Parker Monihan Memorial Golf Tournament Raises $100,000 for Pediatric Emergency Care at Shore Medical Center 

On Tuesday, September 26, Chris and Andrea Monihan of Ocean City presented Shore Medical Center with a check for $100,000 to support pediatric emergency care. These funds represent a portion of the proceeds from the Renee Parker Monihan Memorial Golf Tournament held at Greate Bay Country Club in May 2023. 

The Monihan family has supported Shore Medical Center for decades, but in April 2020, Chris and Andrea Monihan developed a very personal relationship with Shore. In the early days of the pandemic, they were inspired by their community hospital's work and raised over $25,000 through a lawn sign campaign to support Shore during that very challenging time. It was a wonderful philanthropic gesture that united our community while providing funds to help us through that challenging time. 

Now, through the Renee Parker Monihan Foundation established in memory of their daughter, Chris and Andrea are helping children receive the best care possible at Shore. Their foundation enables Shore to continue making the emergency room experience even less frightening for children and to help families have the best possible care and experience during a health emergency. 

Last year, we unveiled our new Ouchless program in the pediatric ER, which has helped alleviate the fear and discomfort of so many children already. After meeting with Chris and Andrea and receiving their blessing, we developed plans for a new Pediatric Specialty Care Emergency Room in our Emergency Department designed for children. The room's location means children and families will not have to pass through the ER's adult section. The space will be enclosed and have soundproof walls, providing children and the clinical team with the necessary privacy to make the child feel safe while receiving care.

This room will also be much larger than a typical space in the ER, so it can accommodate family members if procedures allow. Nothing can comfort a child in an emergency room like having a parent or loved one with them. This new addition will contain the latest technology specifically needed for pediatric patients, along with furnishing, treatments, and flooring. Every detail, down to the blue coloring of the walls and upholstery, has been considered, which offers a sense of calmness throughout the room. 

Thank you again to Chris and Andrea for their generosity, their hard work, and, most importantly, for honoring the memory of their daughter Renee in such a profound way.